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Lesbians First

By Mousey - Feb 16, 2006 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 22902 The summer I turned 16, I was still very innocent. I was staying with my uncle John in Los Angeles for the summer. John had been married to my father's sister, but she passed away several years ago. The only person who shared the house with John was my cousin Tracy, who was 18 and had just graduated from high school.They had a fantastic, huge house with a swimming pool and tennis courts and all of that stuff, so I was really psyched to be staying there. Uncle John worked long hours so most days it would be just Tracy and me, and usually Tracy's best friend Kimiko. Tracy, being a couple years older and from L.A., was a lot more worldly than me and I worshipped and envied her. She was incredibly popular at school because she was smart and funny, and oh yeah, insanely gorgeous: a classic California-girl face and beautiful light brown hair cut in a chic style. She worked out a lot and her body was flawless-chest big but not too big, a narrow waist, nice hips. Though Tracy was smaller than me, about 5'5'', she projected an air of power that made her seem much bigger. I guess that probably had a little to do with how popular she was, too. Most days that summer Tracy, Kimiko and I just hung out by the pool. At first we'd put on our bikinis and lay around, reading, listening to music, painting our nails, soaking up the sun. Tracy and Kimiko talked a lot about things I didn't know much about, so mostly I was just quiet and tried to follow what they were saying. I was happy that they just let me be there with them; they both looked so great, tan and lean and sculpted. They looked so much more together and hip than I did-Tracy wore a gold ring in her navel, and Kimiko had this really amazing dragon tattoo on her back. Kimiko was (obviously) Japanese-American but she wasn't petite, she was an athletic 5'7''. Her bikini showed off the fact that she was in shape and well-built. In her own way, she was every bit as beautiful as Tracy. I quickly came to look up to and envy her also. I wasn't bad-looking myself, I realize now, but I was younger and still pretty self-conscious. I wasn't fat but I was carrying a few extra pounds that felt like a lot to me. My clothes weren't as nice as theirs either; all I had for the pool was my green-and-white-striped bikini that my mom had bought me, which was nice enough, but nothing like the designer suits Tracy and Kimiko wore. Also, I hadn't had sex yet and felt very unsophisticated; I had let boys feel me up but hadn't gone any further, shy and afraid of getting pregnant or catching something--basically just afraid. Tracy and Kimiko never talked about the specifics of their sex lives with me around, but they seemed like they knew everything and had done everything there was to do. It was very hot that summer; heat shimmered in waves across the surface of the concrete by the pool. It felt right, though. It was a privileged and glamorous setting and I couldn't have been happier. I felt different than I'd ever felt before in a way that excited me--it felt like big things were going to happen that would bring me closer to adulthood. In retrospect, it was a very sexually charged atmosphere-everything Tracy and Kimiko did was very sensual and aware, and the poolside setting felt so decadent, like every possible pleasure was available to us. The older girls would drink and get high, while I always declined (until later...). Then they'd lay back in their chairs and close their eyes, sucking blissfully on a lollipop. I'd only been there a week or so when they started going topless. The grounds of the house were huge and they were fenced and wooded all around anyway, so there was no chance of anyone spying on them, but I was still a bit shocked that they felt so com comfortable exposing so much of themselves. Though it shouldn't have been a big deal, it did make me a little nervous to have them walking around half-naked. Partly because I was too shy to join them--even though Tracy would say, "Come on, Morgan, there's no guys around. It's just us girls, we can be relaxed with each other, " and she and Kimiko would laugh mischievously--but also partly because I found myself looking at them more than I thought I should have. I had never realized before just how beautiful a girl's breasts can be, but I kept sneaking peeks at Tracy and Kimiko's, glistening with fine beads of sweat in the hot sun. Sometimes their nipples would be hard and one time I caught Kimiko almost absent-mindedly stroking one nipple as she reclined with her eyes closed, making it harder and taller.I looked down at my own tits, my nipples now poking out a little bit from my top, and thought about how nice it might feel to play with them like that. I didn't, though. Maybe later, in private. I realize now that though I was spending a lot of time with Tracy and Kimiko they were really leading different lives from me. They were so much more grown up-they would get wasted and crazy and disappear for long stretches of time. They went out a lot at night and left me at home. Of course it's only natural that they wouldn't want to have me around all the time, but I desperately wanted to be included in everything they did. I tried my best to be cool and not clingy, and hoped they would eventually let me in on some of their secrets. Part 2 I would be a lot quicker to pick up on it now, of course, but it took a long time to dawn on me then that something more was going on with Tracy and Kimiko than I knew about. The first inkling I got was this one day when we were fooling around shooting water pistols at each other. Tracy snuck up behind Kimiko and nailed her real good, spraying her face and chest with water. Kimiko took off after her yelling and chased her across the yard. Finally Kimiko caught Tracy and tackled her, pinning her on her back on the grass. She straddled Tracy and held her wrists down, then broke into a big wide smile. Slowly Kimiko leaned down until her naked breasts were pressing against Tracy's and the two were quiet for a moment, catching their breath. Tracy got this weird look on her face as she stared up at Kimiko, who had her helpless there with her full weight on her. Finally Tracy said, very quietly, "Cut it out, Kim." Kimiko didn't do or say anything. After awhile Tracy said, even more quietly-as if she didn't quite mean it-"C'mon, Kim, let me go. Quit kidding around." Kimiko let go of her wrists and got off her, the two girls stood up, and that was that. But it was a strange, electric moment that really stood out in my mind. That night as I lay in bed I pictured them there on the ground, trying to figure out what the unspoken message was that was passing between them. I had a very clear mental image of the way their breats had been mashed together, causing them to seem to spill out around the sides, and suddenly I realized that I was playing with my nipples, bringing them to a state of tremendous excitement. Usually I would have stopped right then but it felt so good, and I felt like I was someone else watching me rub my palms against my breasts and roll my nipples between my fingers. I was tingling and hot from head to toe. I ran one hand through my pubic hair, and was surprised to hear myself let out a little moan. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious and I put my hands under my pillow and kept them there. I slept very restlessly that night. It wasn't long after that that Tracy and Kimiko decided that they didn't want any tan lines at all, and started sunbathing com completely nude. This of course made me very nervous-I had undressed with other girls in the locker room, but never had I spent such an extended period of time with naked people. I tried to avert my eyes as much as possible but I couldn't help but catch glimpses of Tracy's abundant brown pubic curls and Kimiko's sparser, neater black bush. To be honest , after a while I didn't try that hard to avoid those glimpses-I was captivated by their fully exposed beauty at the same time I was unnerved by it. They started teasing me about being such a prude. I had to admit, I looked kind of silly there in my department-store bikini while they calmly strolled around in the altogether looking so beautiful and free. I knew that I would have to start growing up a little bit if I wanted them to respect me. And I was getting to the point where the idea of showing myself to Tracy and Kimiko excited me a little bit. OK, a lot. You have to remember that I had built up all this sexual tension-throughout the summer, and throughout my life-but I had no way of releasing it. I didn't even masturbate; I knew that people did, but I had never done it to myself. Thinking about it now, I'm amazed that I got even a few weeks into the summer without exploding. At some point all this tension I was building up started to overcome my natural shyness. So one morning, while Tracy was in the middle of giving me shit about being so modest, I reached back, unhooked my top, and tossed it away. "Happy now?" I said, and sat back. Tracy was suddenly quiet. She looked over at my excited but a little shaky smile, then her eyes moved down to stare unabashedly at my chest. She pulled down her sunglasses to get a better look. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Kimiko was doing the same. Nobody said anything. Uh- oh, I thought to myself, what have I done? Had I overstepped myself by trying to get on to their level? Did they not like what they saw? Kimiko broke the silence. "Jesus, Morgan, " she said in a low voice. "I can't believe you've been keeping those hidden." I looked down at myself and saw that my nipples had stiffened and were jutting out more than I'd ever seen them before. I also noticed that, without my really noticing it or thinking about it, my breasts had gotten a good bit bigger in recent months. I realized in a flash that not only might I be in Tracy and Kimiko's league, but in this one department I might even surpass them. I flushed with pride and relief. "Damn, cuz, " said Tracy, "you've got a couple of monsters there." We all laughed and reclined, and just like that I had taken a big step into the future. Part 3 It was a particularly breezy and beautiful day, and in the afternoon I fell into a very peaceful slumber by the poolside. I woke up about 4:00 and nobody was around. Tracy and Kimiko had gone off somewhere to do something, which wasn't unusual. I was a little disappointed, but still felt pretty good from the morning, so I decided to go inside to get something to drink. As I walked I noticed that Tracy's car was still in the driveway. That meant they were probably lounging around up in Tracy's room. When I got to the kitchen I heard a noise from upstairs. I was struck by a sudden impulse to spy on them. That was not like me at all, but I felt suddenly empowered, and madly curious to see what kinds of things Tracy and Kimiko did when I wasn't around. I crept quietly up the stairs and into the hall. I could hear voices coming from Tracy's room. Thanks to the design of the house, I had a good angle from which to approach without being seen. I heard Tracy giggle. Her door was wide open. Hidden in the darkness of a doorway, I peered around a corner into my cousin's room. It took me a second to make out what I was seeing there. The shades were all drawn and it was dim despite the brightness of the day. At first all I saw was a black blur moving slowly in the distance. But as my eyes came into focus I saw that Tracy was sprawled out on this big overstuffed chair in the corner of her room. Her head was back and her arms were akimbo. The blur that I'd seen was Kimiko's head moving as her tongue traced back and forth across Tracy's crotch. I wanted to flee instantly but I was riveted to what I saw. Every detail seared itself into my mind. The black of Kimiko's long hair was now sunbleached and soft. Her dragon tattoo writhed across her shoulder blade and her earrings jingled as she darted her tongue repeatedly into Tracy's pussy, provoking quiet moans from my cousin. Tracy was naked expect for her socks, which were short and powder blue, pulled tightly against Kimiko's brown back. Kimiko's hands, long-fingered with pink nails, moved to spread Tracy's lips, opening them up to reveal a bright and vivid pink that matched the shade of the fingernail polish. Kimiko's tongue thrust inside, its soft pink blending in with the other pinks already there. I followed the movement of Tracy's navel ring as her belly rose and fell in time with Kimiko's head. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Suddenly Tracy lifted her head up, opened her eyes, and looked right at me. I froze. I hadn't thought they'd be able to see me here in the shadows, but now I wasn't so sure. Would she freak out at my having spied on her? I wouldn't blame her. Instead she looked away from me and put her hands behind Kimiko's head, pulling Kimiko's face in tightly against her crotch. Tracy sighed contentedly and closed her eyes again, leaning back as Kimiko continued to work eagerly on her cunt. Pussy, cunt-I never used to say those words at the time, though I'm certainly used to them now. But those were the words that made sense with what I was seeing. There was an animal passion passing between the two of them that frightened and excited me. I ran immediately to my room, locked the door and drew the blinds. It was steaming hot in there, I was sweating and my head was swimming, all sorts of mixed-up emotions pounding through it. Without really thinking what I was doing, I pulled off my bikini bottom and lay down on my back on the bed, just trying to cool out. That same image kept coming back to me-Kimiko exploring Tracy's most intimate place with her tongue. I knew that girls sometimes had sex with each other, but my cousin? Here and now? It was all too strange and the strangest part was that I wasn't appalled; I was fascinated. As I pictured the two of them together, I realized that I had started fingering myself. I was extremely moist and sticky down there. I usually didn't do this but it felt so good, I couldn't stop. I just got wetter as I continued stroking myself, feeling my fingers move up inside. I drove myself into a frenzy and rubbed harder and harder until suddenly I felt like I had been lit up by a flash of lightning. Everything went white and little pinpricks of tingling pleasure spread out all over my body. I let out a long breath and stretched out on the bed, spent. I hid out in my room the rest of that day, feeling too shy and confused to be seen. After a while I fell asleep and then woke again, feeling delirious. Images flashed through my head-Kimiko and Tracy again, but this time I was with them, between them, my naked flesh pressed against theirs. I fingered myself again and fell asleep again. Part 4 I passed the whole night like that- sleeping, waking, masturbating, sleeping-and finally I saw that the sun was out and knew that I was awake for real this time. I opened my eyes and stood up. Without thinking about it I walked to the door that led to the small balcony off my room. I opened it and stepped through onto the balcony. The sunlight hit my naked body with a physical force, warming and energizing me; my eyes were blinded. I stood there for awhile and only when my eyes adjusted to the light did I remember that this balcony faced the pool. Tracy and Kimiko were below, sitting nude on their beach chairs, staring up at me. Instead of being bothered by this, I felt com completely calm. I just stood there soaking up the sunlight and their stares. The whole thing was like a beautiful dream, like I was simultaneously myself and watching from far away, like I knew every step of the way exactly what was going to happen next. I walked back inside and put on my sunglasses. Then I went down the stairs and out to the pool. I walked over to the third beach chair that sat opposite Tracy and Kimiko and sat down. Fixing my gaze alternately on each girl, I slowly spread my legs as wide as they would go. I followed the girls' eyes as they drifted down to my crotch area and locked there. Closing my eyes, I leaned back and started fingering myself. Time disappeared; all that existed for me was the warm sunlight on my skin and the pleasure I was giving myself, and that I was getting from knowing that Tracy and Kimiko were near, watching me. At last I opened my eyes. The girls were standing over me. Tracy leaned down and kissed me; I felt Kimiko's warm mouth against my ear. Tracy's tongue slid into my mouth as I felt Kimiko kiss her way down my neck. She closed her lips around one of my nipples as Tracy moved to suck on the other. Such an exquisite sensation; I've felt it many times since then but never like that. They licked and sucked all around my tits as I sighed in rapture and watched their heads bob up and down. That alone would have been enough but I knew more was coming. Tracy returned to gently biting my neck, slipping her tongue into my ear, kissing my eyes and forehead and lips. Kimiko traced a line down my chest to my navel, which she spent a long time exploring, kissing all around it, sliding her lips across the soft flesh of my belly. Her tongue glided over my hipbones and down into my mound. As I reached up to stroke Tracy's soft brown hair I felt Kimiko's warm hands between my legs. Her fingers were on my thighs, opening them. Then she spoke, the first thing anyone had said this whole time. Her voice was hoarse and husky and halting with passion. "Trace, " she said. "Trace, come see how wet she is." Tracy stood up and walked around my chair to where Kimiko was. I closed my eyes and lay back to receive the pleasure I knew I was about to receive. When I think about it now, I picture it as if I'm looking down on us from above. I'm laying back, back arched, hands clenching the sides of the chair, one leg on Tracy's shoulder and one on Kimiko's. They tease me by kissing and biting my inner thighs, then begin eating my pussy, tenderly at first and then with increasing fervor. I'm bucking and moaning and they have me coming inside a minute, but this only spurs them on. They stop their ministrations only long enough to turn and kiss each other--a long, wet, open- mouthed kiss. I didn't see any of this, of course, because my eyes were closed, and at some point I left my body. I was floating in the stratosphere on a bed of cool and misty air. The sky was clear and blue but periodically a lightning bolt would arc down from above and sizzle through me, making everything go white and hot. I don't know how long it was before I opened my eyes and returned to the poolside, but when I did I was looking up into Kimiko's big brown eyes. She gave me a wide, conspiratorial smile and then I was blind again, because she had climbed up to straddle my head. It was like a warm, moist, sweet-smelling shadow moving over me as she lowered her crotch to just inches from my face. To this day this is one of my favorite moments in any sexual encounter, when the pussy is just waiting there in front of you. You take a deep breath, savoring the aroma and the moment, anticipating what she's going to taste like and how she's going to react. Back then I didn't know quite what to do, but I knew I wanted to make Kimiko happy, so I dove in and did my best. I won't even attempt to describe what she tasted like; words would never suffice. Equally delightful was the shiver I felt run through her as my tongue penetrated her. She put her hands on my breasts and rode me, grinding her cunt down onto my face. I felt Tracy's hands on my thighs as she spread me wider, driving her tongue deeper inside me. We all moaned and heaved as one. Kimiko put her full weight down on top of me, her mouth joining Tracy's, sending me still higher as I devoured her pussy, frenzied now with the taste and the smell and the feel of her. For a long time we remained locked together like that, until finally, by unspoken agreement, the three of us separated and lay back, sweating and panting and quiet. It only lasted a moment, though, till Tracy spoke up. "Let's go upstairs, " she said. So we did, up to Tracy's room. She put on some music and looked over at me. I looked back. Our relationship and had a big turn in the last hour, and it was weird, but it was great too. She had never looked so beautiful. Her hair was tousled, her nipples erect, her skin glistening with fine beads of sweat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kimiko lay down on the bed, watching us, but I forgot about her for the moment. I walked over and kissed Tracy hard on the lips, then moved down to her neck and shoulders. I pursed my lips to taste her nipples and opened my mouth as far as it would go to encompass her breasts. She sighed and stroked my hair. It was like I was I different person than I had been the day before. There was no shame or embarrassment in me as I dropped to my knees, kissing my way down her belly and burying my face in her bush. God, I thought, how long I've wanted to do this and not wanted to think about it. I nuzzled in between her legs and ran my tongue lightly across her labia. Tracy moved away from me, smiling. She laid down on the chair, that same chair where I'd seen her with Kimiko the day before. She spread her legs and beckoned me to come over. I crawled over to her and, suddenly hungry, pressed my mouth to her pussy. I ate Tracy till my mouth was sore, then took a deep breath and did it some more, feeling her nails dig into my shoulder, watching her navel ring shake as she quivered. I felt something warm on my ear and turned to see Kimiko smiling at me. I kissed and we both ran our tongues slowly across Tracy's crotch, drawing a loud and delicious groan from her. The three of us spent the rest of the afternoon rolling around in a soft, wet, sticky pile. Things were different after that.

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